• Menorah Vinyl Wall Decal
  • Menorah Vinyl Wall Decal
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Family Name Menorah- Vinyl Wall Decor


Light a Fire for Your Family to be Guided By

  • 11 Color Choices
  • Seven Branched Menorah
  • Customized with Your Family’s Name
  • FREE Installation Kit with Every Order


Let your family be a standard, on fire, set-apart, holy
before the LORD and a light to the world.

The world says that this flame is strange and this symbol is foreign, but you know the truth.

This vinyl wall decal is a powerful proclamation for your family and home.

These candle blessings extend beyond celebration days and make your home warm and inviting year-round.
Greet your guests with an entryway decal, above your dining room table as a statement wall decal
or centering it with your family pictures to make a declaration over your whole family.

A customized vinyl decal menorah will remind you that you are called to be a holy nation
and a royal priesthood that never lets the fire on the altar go out.
(Lev 6:12, 1 Peter 2:9) 

This vinyl wall decal is safe to keep “burning” all year long.
Display it boldly for this is a flame to share and not keep hidden. 

Our vinyl decals are:

  • Matte color 
  • Removable
  • Precision cut
  • Stylish and trending
  • Long lasting, no fade vinyl
  • Handcrafted for an elegant look

Do your walls speak life?

Machlao Studio creates vinyl wall decals that speak life so you can live surrounded by inspiration every day. Live fully alive. Fully loved. Daily.

Are you ready to see more? Click HERE to be inspired with the rest.

22" tall and customized with your family name

This custom wall decal will vary in size according to the length of your family name

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Black, Brown, Dark Red, Ice Blue, Gentian Blue, Light Brown, Medium Grey, White, Yellow, Silver, Gold


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